Cheryl Bouviea


Cheryl stands at 5’6", has red hair, and blue eyes. Her left eye however has a small scar that runs down horizontally and is always closed. The most notable feature of Cheryl is her hook hand on her left arm. She also has tattoo’s up along her left arm.

Her attire consists of a black vest and black cloth wrapped around her biceps. Has a belt that is slightly angled and contains three compartments, two at her sides and one at her back. Her pants are a dirty brown color and have gold loops along the side. She also wears black leather boots.


While her attitude is not always the greatest. She is a very reliable person that gets the job done. Little is known of Cheryl at the moment other than she is part of a revolutionary group and has mentioned of her captain and the leader of the revolutionary army.

The group first met Cheryl after being taken by slave traders, whom she allowed to capture her and prove that the Son’s of Poseidon was behind the slave capturing and trading happening in the East Blue by finding documents that detailed their agreement with the Slave Trader Willie Clean.

Cheryl Bouviea

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