Character Plausible Home Islands

These are the islands that your character can originate from.

- Dawn Island
Dawn Island is an island located in the East Blue and where the Goa Kingdom is situated. The island is mostly rural farmland. However, where the city of Goa is, one can find a large mass of mountains in the distance and before the mountains lays a huge junkyard where many of the poverty stricken residence of Goa reside. The junkyard was created to keep the ‘trash of Goa’ outside of the city. When an expected visit from a celestial dragon happened, the people from the city burned and destroyed the entire junkyard in order to ‘cleanse’ Goa of its filth. People from Dawn Island are typically adventurous and very friendly to any stranger.

If you grew up in the city of Goa, you left your home out of discuss of the actions of your people in the burning of the homes of the people you had friended in your adventures outside of the city. You have left to the seas in hopes of leaving the guilt and discuss behind, as well as the hopes of having adventures at every corner of your travels.

If you grew up in the junkyard of Goa, you were always exploring and having adventures in the mountains, and secretly in the city. But after the burning of the junkyard, you home was destroyed and you had no home to return to. As such you decided that Dawn Island wasn’t a place you could call home anymore and have left to the seas, where adventure is at every corner.

- Conomi Islands.
Conomi Island is a collection of small islands that are located in the East Blue. These islands are much more fertile than Dawn island as they produce wheat, pumpkins, rice, and various fruit, specifically oranges. On one of the more inhabited islands, is the village of Cocoyashi where It was simple and peaceful until the Arlong Pirates took over, setting many strict and harsh rules. For example, in order to live, adults had to pay 1000 gold and children 500 gold each month. From there, Arlong and his crew built up their forces in order to take over all of East Blue. People that grew up in Cocoyashi village were very skilled navigators and skilled at drawing detailed maps.

Due to your skilled map drawing skills you were taken in by Arlong in order to map out the oceans for his conquest. He even offered you the chance of buying back the islands from him if you could bring him 500 000 gold. As such you have left the village to acquire the gold and save your village from his reign of terror.

- Island of Ohara
The Island of Ohara, was once located in the West Blue and despite being a small island was notable due to the great tree that stood at its center. Ohara was an island known for its collection of history, over 5000 years of collection, that was located in the center of the tree. The citizens of Ohara had studied the poneglyphs and were able to decipher their language, as such, the sons of Poseidon deemed it was necessary to destroy the entire island. Under the call of Poseidon, the leader of the sons of Poseidon, he allowed for a Buster Call to befall Ohara.

You managed to escape from Ohara before it was wiped from the map. You have decided to find out the message that the poneglyphs are trying to tell the world and find out why the sons of Poseidon are afraid of people being able to read them. (You can only originate from this island if you have chosen the Child of Ohara Trait).

- Stonadge Island
The Stonadge Island is located in West Blue and is known for its exportation of numerous minerals. The region is very mountainous and typically is very cold. The Islands is mainly the home of the Dwarves, but a few Humans have taken in residence on the island. The Humans that live there live in a country called Kano and live in Chinese style homes. The people from Stonage island are skilled smiths and are known for their skills in crafting siege weapons for ships due to their expertise in gunpowder. But due to tension between your island and an island from the Grandline, Dressrosa, Stonadge is threatened by war.

You were sent from Stonadge to prevent this war by finding allies that may be able to help assist you in case war does break out and for deligation purposes. But due to a small accident in what ship you got on, you managed to get in the East Blue section, however, you see this as just an opportunity.

- Fishman Island
Fishman Island is said to be an underwater paradise. Because it is underwater, the only way for a conventional ship to get there is to be coated with a special resin found in the Sabaody Archipelago, and all ships entering the island must undergo a customs inspection. The island is divided up both by class and by species of creature who lives there. Many of the merfolk live in one section of the island, with the fishmen living in a special district and another section for the richest members of sea society. Class also shows itself in various living facilities, where the richer creatures live on the higher floors, closer to the light from the surface, while the poor ones live in the lower, darker areas. Even though there is a distinction between fishmen and merfolk, inter-species marriage between the two is allowed. However, donation of blood between humans and fishmen or merfolk is forbidden since ancient times. Despite it being a paradise, there is always tension between the island and the upper islands. Humans look down upon fishmen and usually capture them for slavery. Residents of Fishmen Island are tough and honorable individuals that rarely use tricks to win a fight.

If you were a Fishmen that was saved from slavery by the legendary Fishmen, you have decided to leave the island, in persuit to take revenge upon those that uphold slavery and to save slaves of all kind similar to Fisher Tiger.

If you were a Fishmen that listend to the Queen Otohime, after she was shot and killed, you decided to take it upon yourself to delegate with the upper islands and find a way to make peace between Fishmen and the residents of the upper islands.

- Blanc Island
Blanc Island is located in the North Blue and is home to the city of Flevance. Flevance was known for its snowy and dazzling perfect white appearance, as well as for its healing capabilities. The white appearance was caused due to a mysterious white mineral called amber lead. That made perfect white materials and buildings, this caused the economy of Flavence to boom. However, prolonged exposure to the mineral caused a disease known as amber lead disease to spread, that even baffled the healers of the city of Flavence. As neighboring islands feared for their health the sons of Poseidon caged in the citizens of Flavence and then wiped out the residents of the city entirely.

You managed to survive not only the disease, but also the massacre. However, you didn’t leave entirely unscarred. You have a deep hatred towards the sons of Poseidon for not only killing everyone but not even trying to help the residents. As you have been trained in healing processes, you leave the island to heal the sick that the sons of Poseidon seem to discard.

- Basterilla Island
Basterilla Island is located in the West Blue, and is known for its shipwrights, as they are second only to those at Water 7. The Island has very little fertile land due to the multiple docks that the island consists of and deals with the making of ships for the Sons of Poseidon. There is also a Son’s of Poseidon outpost located here were new recruits can join.

- Red Line
Those that come from the Red Line are either slaves or members of the community of Celestial Dragons. The Celestial Dragons think they are better than everyone else and typically wear Special fish bowl like helmets in order to avoid breathing the same air as everyone else. The land is very wealthy and has no real apparent issues other than the multitude of slaves.

If you are from a celestial dragon family, either you or your family renowned you title of Celestial Dragon as you or they felt that they were not higher or above other people.

Or if you were a slave, you managed to escape when Fisher Tiger released all the slaves there. Regardless of how you left the Red line, you can never let people know if you were a slave or especially a celestial dragon.


- If not specified, the residents of islands can be of any race.

- also after the islands description, these are only plausible suggestions for your character. These do not have to be why your character has left the island or the reasons for how they act/behave. Or their goals. I do apologize if the list is not adequate enough. I will update it if need be.

Character Plausible Home Islands

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