Poseidon's Wrath

Chapter 1.1

As Ariawyn, Fish, and Jaksun awoke, they find themselves chained up together behind a red haired woman that has a hook hand on her left side. They were also chained up with four other individuals from the tavern last night. In front of them stood both the mysterious stranger and Willie Clean.

Willie Clean informed the prisoners that they would be sold as slaves and relinquished them of their items. However as Willie is a man of honor and integrity, provided the prisoners ragged clothes before placing them in cells within his ship. Ariawyn was very concerned that she had lost her necklace, while Jaksun was pissed that they took his clothes. Fish attempted to blindly fumbled with his cells lock, while Jaksun caused a ruckus such that Willie and Crew had to detain him and then place him in Fish’s cell.

With his new cell buddy, Fish decided to hide in the bails of hay that were in each cell and caused more guards to find out where he went, where Jaksun pummeled three of the four unconscious and the other grabbed Willie and the mysterious stranger to detain Jaksun even more and found Fish back in his cell.


Your adventure starts at the local tavern on the island of Gosa in the East Blue. You have traveled many miles to be on the island of Gosa, and you are either meeting up with a certain individual at the tavern or just want to rest. You walk into the tavern to the sound of merriment and boisterous laughter. At one of the tables, you see a big burly man and sitting beside him is a slim man with a black hood drawn over his head, sipping elegantly with a wine glass. The big burly man steps onto the table and shouts,


Everyone raises their glasses and gives a merry cheer to the rather generous man. You are provided a drink and as you are not one known to pass down a free drink, down the beverage.

As the night progresses, the man, known as Willie Clean, continues to order rounds after rounds of drinks. AS you continue to down your drink in blissful amusement, along with the other patrons of the tavern, you begin to feel dizzy and lightheaded. You determine you have had enough and head off to sleep.

The next morning you wake to a searing pain in your head and as you try to move your arms, you find that they are cuffed and chained to other people that were at the tavern last night. Standing in front of you is Willie Clean and the cloaked man, in front of a large ship.

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